Vlada for MAC Prime Focus Fall 2011

“North Melbourne Study 20”
Oil on board
University of Wollongong collection 2013
I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.
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Nude With Revolver, 1989 by Helmut Newton


There is so much wrong with me

Every time I let anyone in. Every. Fucking. Time. It’s the same vicious pattern. I think I’m being open-minded and giving things a shot, letting my guard down and telling myself that maybe this time is different, that just maybe I’m wrong. Shit is still the same and will always fucking be the same and really I’m just a hopeless, lonely piece of shit who will never be loved because I’m simply incapable of receiving affection of any kind and who would want to love someone like me anyways?

What is it about me that is so so wrong…